About Android | Amazing Features of Kotlin over java

Android is open source and Linux-based operating system for mobile devices.

Here, we will discuss Kotlin basics for Android. 

Whenever we talk about android always two questions occurs 

1.”Which language is better to build android applications?
and second question is
2.“What is Kotlin?”

so coming to the first question “Which language is better to build android applications?”

When compare with java , Kotlin is better to build easily android applications.
Kotlin is modern object oriented language like Python.
Kotlin  codes also runs on Java Virtual Machine

Feature of JVM –

  • Plateform Dependent
  • Robust
  • Security 
Code is less in Kotlin than Java.


and now second question arise “What is Kotlin?
so answer is –

Kotlin  is used to build android application. In 2017, Google Provides Kotlin is a language for android development. Kotlin is developed by JetBrains Team. To write code in Kotlin we require IDE that is Intellij IDEA. We can also use other IDEs.

Features of Kotlin over java-

Here ,more features in Kotlin  than Java:-



     Features of Kotlin over java

1. In Kotlin, Writting extra code is reduced/optimized. So kotlin is more concise than java.

2. It does not required to end with semicolon(;).

3. It also don’t required to handle Checked Exception. Kotlin only has run time Exceptions.

4. Most of a time we get an exception in Java that is Null Pointer Exception. But in Kotlin ,the chance of getting Null Pointer Exception is less. That’s why, It is  also called null safety Language.

5. Kotlin does not have new keyword for creating an object. Creating an object is done just by calling  the constructor like any other methods.

6. Kotlin can be compiled to bytecode for the JVM, and also run in JavaScript for helping you to write code both in backend and frontend  in Kotlin.

7. Kotlin  easily calls the java code and kotlin code can be used by java. That’s  why it is 100% Java interoperable.



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