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Welcome to Technical Teacher. A platform to learn, and grow as a programmer and developer. A platform where you will get updated, stay with us and be Technical

A little about our team-

Hey! I am Rajat upadhyaya, Founder and The Main Instructor Here at Technical Teacher. And co- founder of Technical Teacher Mrs. Ritu purwar Here our main goal is to provide solution Related to programming language, web development, mobile application development and other Technology so that will Help You to gain your knowledge and update you regularly.

So here the list of areas where we will focus mostly

1.In depth Most important programming language unique question and answer

2. What are the basic of Framework in programming such as framework for python programing-Django

3. Mobile application development ( android and IOS)

4. Interview questions

Here at Technical Teacher, I share everything about programming languages and mobile application development, interview questions and some others interesting things.

We are here to solve technical query. Just tell us your query we will solve it.

If you have any query you can comment in our website


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