Cache Management| In Django project

Cache management:-

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 Generally if we perform any operation in the browser then Django will do lot of calculation on the server and then it returns the result on the browser
if we do same operation on the same machine then django will do all operations again that means
if we perform same operation ten times on the same machine then django will perform all calculations ten times which will become overhead or burden on the server 

to reduce overhead or burden we use cache management  
cache files stores the dynamic web page after performing the operation for first time.
if we search anything in a browser then django will go to server as a request and it does all calculations 
and at response time django will store the dynamic webpage the cache file and then it will return to the browser 
if we perform the same operation then it will go to cache file and fetch the existing dynamic webpages  
if we perform a different operation then django will to server
and it takes new cache file to store the dynamic webpage and returns to the browser

we can save the cache file in different locations .

  •  memcached
  •  locmem
  •  filebased
  •  db

we do settings in file to configure cache file
 If we want to store the cache file in a any other servers then we can configure memcached in file 

BACKEND–it is a python dotted path to the corresponding engine

Locmem—if we want to store the cache file in local server then we use locmem



 if we want to store the cache file in any specific directory in our machine then we specify the path 


if we want to store in any database table then we create the cache table and then we specify the table name.
command for creating cache table
python createcachetable mytab



so i hope you under stand Django(Python) cache concept.

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