How to start with Django

Now question arise what is project ?
A project is a collection of application along with their configuration.
A project is a final product where we assemble all required applications with their configurations
Django Project:

Here the first command to start Django project

django-admin startproject project_name

django-admin is a called command line utility which takes care of administrative part of project It will install automatically whenever we install django software.It is located in Python32-35/Scripts folder.


Steps for creating a project:

Step 1:   Create a main folder to store the project , give the main folder name “FirstProject”

Step 2:   Open ‘FirstProject’ folder and type CMD in path to open command with our current location


Step 3:    Create a project with name ‘website'(you can choose any name)

Now type in cmd

E:FirstProject>django-admin startproject website

now we can see website folder in FirstProject

Step 4:Now we run the server

we use ‘runserver’ command to run the server, this command is a part of the location wherever is located

E:FirstProject>cd website

E:FirstProjectwebsite>python runserver

now copy the Ipadress

Step 5: Open any browser and paste the IPadress 

now it will work

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