How to convert your text into handwriting using python

So here we are going to learn how we can convert our text into handwriting, 

We will use here pywhatkit library ,

So now we will see the steps , i have divided this project in two part first we will import the library and second we will just convert our text into handwriting,

So step number 1:

Before importing the library we have to install pywhatkit into our project so for this just need to write below command into the terminal

pip install pywhatkit

So after this just need to import the library

import pywhatkit

So now the next step which is main step where we will convert our text into handwriting

pywhatkit.text_to_handwriting(“hello everyone please check video for this article”,save_to=”new.png”)

Now we will run the program

in same location it will create the new.png file

output of this project

Here full code:

I hope you understand each line of this article

you can also checkout video tutorial

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