Most Common issue in Anaconda Python while installing

Anaconda issue while installing-

When you are installing Anaconda 3, you are getting warning like –
Warning: ’Destination Folder’ contain 1 space.
This can cause problems with several Conda Packages (python anaconda install packages).Please consider removing the space?
When you are browsing destination folder for installing anaconda setup, you need to remove space in folder name because of that you are getting space.
For Example:-
E:my softwarePython.3.7 –here,1 space is there in folder name my and software. when I remove it by using underscore(_) like E:my_softwarePython.3.7.
Then we can easily install Anaconda 3.
When you are installing package for python. One more issue may be you will get like if you have less space in c drive and you want to change to e drive.


Also, mentioned in below question about this issue.
How to change directory from C drive to E drive in command Prompt(CMD)?
We can change directory from C drive to E drive by using cd commands:-
Open the Command Prompt and type this command cd /D E:/

CD :- This command is used to change directory.

/D :- This command is used to change the current drive.

Command in Command Prompt looks like-

C:\Users\Users_name>cd /D E:/


I hope, you have understood the common issue in Anaconda(Python) while installing.

Thank you!!

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